Books recommendations about puritan meditation

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Hello everyone, I would like to receive book recommendations on Puritan meditation.

I'm preparing my bibliographic list for the monograph,

God bless you all!
If this is any help; here is a bibliographical index, I believe with links to their sources in EEBO-TCP, of all the applicable Puritan and Non-Conformist books with "meditation/meditations" in the title. EEBO-TCP though, has said its website will be down until Sun. for site update; so if you cant reach the site these links still work, but not until Monday. Also, the links will work in your PDF viewer, but not on your web browser viewer.


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Excellent recommendations above. I agree that "God's battle plan for the mind" is a great place to start. It also references many other important works. The Puritan Thomas Watson's work "The Christian on the Mount " is a great starting point for an introductory work. I also love John Owen's work "Spiritual Mindedness" (Banner of Truth Puritan Paperback).
Ranew's book is the gold standard of the Puritan's theology of meditation:
Robert, I agree this work is the gold standard. Just a suggestion for a future reprint. Ranew's argument can be difficult to follow in places, particularly when the main argument extends over multiple chapters. It would be great if the book included an outline referenced to the actual page numbers. This would increase the usefulness of the book particularly for those who are not used to how Puritans develop their arguments.
Was able to get Ranews "Solitude Improved" done today too, and sent in to Monergism. Lord Willing it will be up tomorrow or the next day for no-cost distro. Monergism also has Owen's "The Grace and Duty of being Spiritually Minded" and Edmund Calamy's "The Art of Divine Meditation" already available for no-cost download.
Just wanted to let you know that "Solitude Improved" is up now along with the others I mentioned:

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A couple of personal thoughts on the duty;
The lack of any serious consideration of meditation in the evangelical church is a primary reason we are so shallow and such spiritual infants.
It is a very difficult discipline to grow in in this generation as we are so accustomed to both entertainment and vanity, and flitting from one thing to another.
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