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I will not have too much money to spend on books the next years so I need your advice on which books to buy on certain topics (MUST HAVES on other topics welcome too!)
Below I will name the topic and the books I already have on each topic. Please only add MUST HAVES (I am going to depend on the list you guys are going to give me).

Systematic Theology
L. Berkhof
C. Hodge
R.L. Reymond
F. Turretin
J. Calvin
J.L. Dagg
S.E. Waldron, the 1689 Confession

Historical Theology
Cunningham (the 2 vols + the 1 vol. on Reformers and Reformation)

Biblical Theology
J. Owen
G. Vos

Pastoral Theology
Thomas Murphy, Pastoral Theology
S. Miller, The Ruling Elder
W.G.T. Shedd, Homiletics and Pastoral Theology
C. Bridges, The Christian Ministry
Dickson, The Elder and his Work
C.J. Miller, Heart of a Servant Leader
compilation, The Christian Pastor's Manual

G. Spring, Power o/t Pulpit
B. Borgman, My Heart for thy Cause
J.W. Alexander, Thoughts on Preaching
R.L. Dabney, Sacred Rhetoric
J. Stalker, The Preacher and his Models
H. Bonar, Words to Winners of Souls
C.P. McIlvaine, Preaching Christ
S. Olyott, Ministering like the Master
J.M. Garretson, Princeton and Preaching

Practical Theology
Works of Owen
Works of Flavel
Works of Bunyan
Works of Brooks
Works of Sibbes
Works of Clarkson
Works of Swinnock
Works of Charnock
Works of Binning
Works of Mead
Works of Henry
Works of Scougal
Works of Love
Works of Edwards
and 40 to 50 other SDG or BoT titles

H. Bavinck
A. Kuyper
W. Brakel

The Sabbath
R. Gaffin, Calvin a/t Sabbath

H. Davies, The Worship o/t English Puritans
R.J. Gore, Covenantal Worship

Church Order
J.L. Dagg

Gifts o/t Spirit
Gaffin, Perspectives on Pentecost

Commentaries o/t Bible
M. Henry
J. Calvin
J. Trapp
Geneva Series (BoT)
Sovereign Grace series

Commentaries on parts of the Bible
Boice on Genesis and John
Lloyd-Jones on Romans and Ephesians
Pink on Exodus, Joshua and John
Brown on the 4 Gospels
Leighton on Peter
Jenkyn on Jude
Daille on Philippians and Colossians
Spurgeon on Psalms
Luther on Old Testament
'Bottenburg Commentary' on New Testament

Discourses and Sayings of our Lord
J. Brown

Miracles and Parables of our Lord
C.H. Spurgeon

Existence and Attributes of God

D.M. Lloyd-Jones
compilation, The Revival of Religion (BoT)
I.H. Murray, Revival and Revivalism
I.H. Murray, Pentecost today?
O. Winslow, Personal Declension and Revival

Missions & Evangelism
Verkuyl, Inleiding in de nieuwere zendingswetenschap
Bavinck, Inleiding in de zendingswetenschap
I.H. Murray, Evangelicalism Divided
R.B. Kuiper, God-centered Evangelism

Church History
Schaff 8vols.
Sheldon 5 vols.
D'aubigne, History o/t Reformation i/t 16th Century
Armitage, A History o/t Baptists

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That's a pretty good list! :up:

I have just a few suggested additions:

Systematic Theology
R.L. Dabney

Pastoral Theology
The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

The Sabbath
The Covenantal Sabbath by F.N. Lee

Worship in the Presence of God ed. by Frank Smith and David Lachman
Westminster Directories for Public and Family Worship

Matthew Poole
Henry Ainsworth on Psalms
William Gouge on Hebrews
James Durham on Revelation

The Puritan Hope by Iain Murrary

Church History
History of Protestantism by J.A. Wylie

Also recommended for your library, the complete Westminster Standards. For more tips see here.

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Thanks for your booklist, it is surely helpfull!!

Everybody else, please help me out with this!


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I would add some of Augustine's works to the list... after all the Protestant reformation was also an Augustinian reformation.

classic must have's:
City of God
Against Pelagius


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Practical Theology/Sanctification

Overcoming the World, Joel Beeke
Mortification of Sin, J. Owen
The Mortified Christian, Christopher Love
Precious Remedies Against Satans Devices, Thomas Brooks
Evil of Evils, Jeremiah Burroughs


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Whoa! You really do "love to read"...
Everything I thought I might suggest is already in your possession and then some.
Except maybe some Francis Schaeffer, especially:

How Should We Then Live?
He is There and He is Not Silent

I find Schaeffer REALLY good at dissecting the modern mind and pointing out the inherent weaknesses in it.

I understand that you can get all of his works also if you can come up with $100.00 or so...


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Van Til's Defense of the Faith

Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism; it takes the gold mines you have mentioned above and applies them to ALL of life.

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You can get some complete works on CD-Rom. It will save you some bucks if you already have a computer. I personally love books. I think books are easier to read, make notes in and highlight. I also use the empty pages for references I want to remember in the books I read.

Check our Ages Software for the comlete works of Calvin, and Owen. The Calvin disk also has much more on it including the works of Augustine.


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Originally posted by Draught Horse
Van Til's Defense of the Faith

Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism; it takes the gold mines you have mentioned above and applies them to ALL of life.

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Bryan Chapell's "Christ centered Preaching". His chapters on the Fallen Condition Focus and the Redemptive Element are tremendous. It has really helped me in my preaching.

Also, I highly recommend Bert Decker's book entitled: "You've Got To Be Believed To Be Heard". One of the challenges with many seminaries and preachers today is that though the preparation/exegesis, etc for the sermon is spot on, but the actual presentation is poor. Decker's book deals with how to present.

As an aside, my preaching professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Herschael York) assigned us the Decker book. Decker, when he wrote the book, was an unbeliever. He got saved, and York and Decker teamed up to write a book on preaching! I don't know the name of their book.

"In Christ",


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Ridderbos Paul, An Outline of His Theology
Gaffin Resurrection and Redemption
Piper Faith in Future Grace omit chapter 11
Counted Righteous in Christ (most of it)

Terry Johnson The Family Worship Book
K. Mathison Given For You (reformed eucharist)
Horton A Better Way
ed. Duncan, Johnson et al Give Praise To God and get rid of Gore

Theology Proper
Horton Covenant & Eschatology
Lord & Servant

Leitham The Holy Trinity

Piper The Supremacy of God in Preaching
Spurgeon Lectures To My Students
Powlison D. Seeing Through New Eyes

Tson J. Suffering and Martyrdom


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Hee beste vriend! Een boek dat je zeker moet hebben is : Paus Johannes Paulus II ; Over de drempel van de hoop :up::up::up::banana:
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