Brown Bread and the Gospel is Good Fare

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Matthew Henry's commentary on Isaiah 30.30:

It was a common saying among the old Puritans, Brown bread and the gospel are good fare. A famine of bread is not so great a judgment as a famine of the word of God, Amos 8:11, 12.

Old Mr. [John] Dod's Sayings:

Though we have things below very rare, / Yet brown bread with the Gospel is good fare.

Robert Leighton, Exposition of the Lord's Prayer:

Though he hath no more of the world but daily bread, and of the coarsest sort, he hath a continual feast within, as he that said, Brown bread and the gospel is good fare.

John Spencer, Things New and Old, Vol. 1:

Brown bread and the Gospel (said Mr. [Richard] Greenham), is good cheer; and indeed, brown bread, and the blessing of God, is a rich banquet.


Iron Dramatist
Brown bread with the gospel is indeed good fare! (and it aint bad by itself, or with a good Belgian ale, either) :)
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