Cadaver Dissection

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Next semester my school is having a dissection club where students can help dissect the human cadavers that will be used for next fall's anatomy class. I'm interested in joining the club, because I think it will be interesting and will help me remember what I learned in anatomy this semester so that I can use it in my career.

Is it bad or wrong to dissect cadavers? I'm wondering if it's immoral, because it involves touching a dead body (though with gloves on), and I wonder if it's disrespectful to the dead person, though I know they donated their own body. What do you think?


Ordinary Guy (TM)
Thank God for donated cadavers. Medical students no longer have to rob graves to practice surgery.

The highest respect to the donated cadaver would be to learn as much as you can.

Tom Hart

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In the Middle Ages the human body was closed to inspection on moral grounds. As a result, anatomical diagrams from the period are quite ridiculous.

While it's not quite accurate to say that the Middle Ages were completely dark in terms of scientific investigation, such things as the prohibition of the study of the human anatomy clearly did nothing to advance medicine.

We have no need of such prohibitions, of course. Dissections save lives.
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