Celebrating Reformation Day with the Kids

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Hi, guys,

First post on this board! Besides Reformation Day being a great historical event to observe in its own right, I think it is also a great Halloween alternative. What do you do in order to make it a meaningful celebration with your family? How do you make it a holiday in its own right in the minds of your children? Do you dress up? What key characters do you present as role models for your daughters?



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My best friend's family watches the black and white Martin Luther movie and bakes special cake each year. They sing a few hymns and don't answer the doorbell whenever it rings. :)


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There are at least two Luther movies out there, the old B&W and a newer (8-10 yo) with Joseph Fiennes. We alternate each year. That and a some Octoberfest, stout, or pumpkin ale in honer of Luther!


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A family I know throws a big party at which they serve Bratwurst and beer, and invite lots of Reformed folks.
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