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  1. D. Paul

    D. Paul Puritan Board Sophomore

    Gentlemen (and ladies, of course), a friend of mine has started a ministry in what is to be known as "The Emergent Church". That will be another topic.

    For now, the topic is this book he makes available on his website:

    Now, knowing nothing about the book or the author but knowing a little about the Celts of yore (what a word) this would not seem to be good Christian literature, would it? The Celts had some rather bizarre practices. What would YOU think?

    What is the connection and influence of the Celts in Christianity? Is it valid?

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  2. turmeric

    turmeric Megerator

    St. Columba & St. Patrick were good guys! Somebody had to bring the Gospel to us while we were still burning wicker-men & painting ourselves blue! I wouldn't call this cultic - just do what my Dispensational mom used to say -eat the meat & spit out the bones!
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