Chiasms in Zechariah

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    This is from George Klein's (not Meredith Kline) commentary on Zechariah. These chiasms, well-vetted in the scholarly literature, can really aid in getting the larger scope of the book.
    rom George Klein's commentary (NAC) on Zechariah.

    A. Vision 1: The man on a red horse (1.7-17).
    B. Vision 2: Four horns and four craftsmen (1.18-21).
    C. Vision 3: The Surveyor (2.1-13).
    D. Vision 4: The cleansing of the high priest (3.1-10).
    D’ Vision 5: The lampstand and the two olive trees (4.1-4).
    C’ Vision 6: The flying scroll (5.1-4).
    B’ Vision 7: The woman in the basket (5.5-11).
    A’ Vision 8. The Four chariots (6.1-8).

    A question about fasting

    A. Embassy with question about fasting (7.13)
    B. God's answer concerning fasting (7.4-6).
    C. Ancestor's misconduct (7.7-12a).
    D. Judgment against the ancestors (7.12b-14).
    E. Exhortation (8.9-13)
    D' Salvation in the present and future (8.1-8, 14-15).
    C' The Community's Conduct (8.16-17)
    B' God's edict concerning fasting (8.18-19)
    A' Embassy to seek the Lord (8.20-23)

    Chiasm of 9-14

    A. Judgment and salvation of surrounding nations (9:1-8).
    B. Introduction to the King (9.9-10).
    C. Israel’s battle and ultimate victory (9.11-10.1)
    D. Idolatry and Judgment (10.2-3a)
    C’ Israel’s battle and victory (10.3b-11.3).
    B’ The People reject the shepherds (11.4-17)
    C” Israel’s battle and victory (12.1-9).
    B” Yahweh’s servant pierced; mourning and purification (12.10-13.1)
    D” Idolatry and judgment (13.2-6).
    B”’ Shepherd struck; judgment, purification, and return to God (13.7-9).
    C”’ Israel’s battle and victory (14.1-9).
    A’ Judgment and salvation of all nations (14.16-21).
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    The first set of chiasmus was helpful when preaching through Zechariah.
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