Chitten soup

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Stephen L Smith

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A great example of Martyn Lloyd Jones humour :)

A minister from Scotland was visiting Greece and met up with a Greek friend who was not too good with his English.
They stopped at a roadside café to eat. Being none too robust, the Scottish minister's concern for his digestion led him to play safe in a
foreign country and asked for soup. When the soup arrived the Scottish minister was scarcely put at ease by its appearance, and particularly by one or two small bones which were visible. Whatever the smell was, it gave nothing away as to the soups true identity and so, with some apprehension, the Scottish minister asked his Greek friend, what is this soup? Oh very good, our best was the reply. Then seeing that the Scottish minister was obviously still hesitant, the Greek man added It is citten soup. Did you say kitten? responded the startled Scotsman. Yes, very good! You mean kitten, miaow-miaow? Oh no! said the Greek struggling to find words, chitten, cock-a-doodle-dooo

From Martyn Lloyd-Jones biography vol 2 by Iain Murray
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