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Can anyone suggest some good Christian fiction not romance :)thumbdown:). I have read much of CS Lewis, In His Steps, Pilgrims Progress, some Tolkien. Thanks! :D
hmm, I thought I had posted this earlier...anyhow:

Don't stop reading Bunyan's books with The Pilgrim's Progress! I now have read 3 of his books (Progress, Grace Abounding, The Holy War) and they are all great! Grace abounding is not fiction, but The Holy War is a great alagory like the PP, infact I kinda liked it better. I'm planning on getting as many of his books as I can over the next few years :D

My favorite "theological thriller" is "A Skeleton In God's Closet" by Paul L. Meier. You get to see what might happen to the world if the Ressurection had not happened and you get to learn a lot about the technology and techniques of archaeology.

I'm reading his new book, "Beyond a Skeleton", but I'm not sure what to think of it yet.

I like very much Ted Dekker's book "When Heaven Weeps".

Mind you, I'm calling these Christian Fiction, because they are fiction written by christians. They certainly can't compare to Bunyan's works.
All the left behind series, [b:74a190a673]NOT[/b:74a190a673] J/K, ok bad joke, sorry.

How about the Screwtape Letters?
Thank You. I have just started on a MacDonald book, I haven't had a chance to really get in it yet though. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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