Christian love books?

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Hi! The Bible talks so much about love and yet love is so often misused and misdefined. I can say I love God but I also say I love ice cream. I am looking for books on Christian love and what it looks like in action. Any books on Christian love come to mind? Basically what it means to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength and to love our neighbor as our self. This time around not so concerned about the love of God though that is the seed of what enables us to love Him and one another. Any books you know that dissect the many usages of love in the Bible and how apply to Christian life? Thank you!

For His Glory-

Don Kistler

Puritan Board Sophomore
"A Discourse Concerning Love" by Nathanael Vincent might be a good place to start. It was a Soli Deo Gloria publication, but it's not likely in print any more.

J. Dean

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Oh good!

I thought for a minute you were talking about Christian Romance novels for a minute! Scared me!
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