Christ's Claims Asserted: Sermon from Free Church (Continuing) Family Conference

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I'd like to call attention to a sermon preached at this years Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Family Conference in Lexington, KY. There were many excellent sermons, but this particular message, "Christ's Claims Asserted: The Testimony of the Free Church Continuing", from Pastor Jonathan Mattull, is one that I would love to see shared widely throughout the Reformed churches.

Why? Because the claims that Pastor Mattull discusses are right, they are matters of God's glory, and they are largely overlooked by much of the church.

"We do hope to establish that Christ has indeed spoken and the whole of the church, not just the Free Church Continuing and others like her, are bound to that word. And what we would live, and if the Lord should call us to, what we would die for is not Scottish cultural thought, but rather Christ's claims over the church."



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If anyone listens to this, please share your impressions. I may listen again on the Lord's Day and post some notes on it.


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For what it's worth, this address was the highlight of the conference, in my opinion. If you want to catch the ethos of the Free Church (Continuing), this is a good place to go. One does not have to agree with everything in the address (even if you're in the FCC); however, it's a powerful representation of what the Free Church is about. Highly Recommended.


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- The Word of God is the rule for the church. It's not for us to compromise God's Word. We are not the Head of the church to decide what should be laid aside.

- Worship must be according to the Scriptures, not according to observed practices in the "early church".

- The church is to be in submission not to the thoughts of men, but to the mind of God revealed in the written Word.

- Christ is the alone Head of the body, the church. Christ stands supreme in alone exercising authority in the church.

Claims of Christ Asserted by the Free Church (Continuing)

Claim 1 - Christ's claim over his house as Head. His Word is supreme for the rule of the church, not your conscience. Three enemies against which this claim has been asserted:
- The Pope
- Prelacy
- Governmental Intrusion

Claim 2 - Christ's claim over his worship. Spiritual worship free from innovations or flourishes, directing the eye of faith to the Savior alone. Not celebrating any other feast day than what the Divine Oracles have prescribed. Singing the Word of God (Psalms). Forsaking musical instruments.

Claim 3 - Christ's claim over salvation. No man can come to the Father but by the Son. The Father has given a people to the Son. The Covenant of Redemption being foundational to the Covenant of Grace.

Claim 4 - Christ's claim over the nations. All nations are called in their official capacities to submit to Christ. The First Amendment should be struck through, and Christ should be said to be the King and Head of this nation.


- The church is not called to compromise and assert what the church believes from age to age, but rather to assert what Christ has claimed. There is no competence in the church to assert anything other than what Christ has commanded. It is sinful to sing other words than the Psalms in worship because it is a direct violation of the command of our Head and King.

- The Free Church is not to be thought of firstly as a Scottish denomination, but firstly as holding forth the claims of Christ. Don't be more attached to Rutherford or Chalmers than you are attached to their message.

- Since these are the claims of Christ, they are to be asserted boldly, with confidence, even despite the low numbers of the Free Church (Continuing). Boldness in these claims does not come from the strength of numbers, but from the knowledge they are given by Christ.
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Thanks for the synopsis--it sounds excellent. I have been meaning to listen to the sermon but haven't had a chance yet.
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