Church in Lynden, WA area

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Going to be in this area this upcoming weekend visiting the Logos peoples. Anyone recommend a church to attend? A quick search turned up only PC USA so I figured I’d ask here.

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On one hand, there is a PCA about a half hour down the road in Bellingham.

On the other hand, it is PNW. I'd be willing to try it if it was a one-off visit. I'd do more due diligence if it was going to be more.

Jack K

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There are a number of quality Dutch reformed churches there. There’s a URCNA, a CanRef, and a PRCA* at the minimum.

* PRCA is a bit wonky on common grace, but one of their other churches was very hospitable to my family when we visited.

Yes, the area is historically a bastion for the Dutch Reformed. If you can find a faithful church in that tradition (and the ones mentioned here are a good bet), you can add an authentic Lynden cultural experience to your visit.

Since I see you're a Presbyterian, I really recommend visiting a good church in the continental Reformed tradition if you've never done that. A trip to Lynden makes for a great opportunity. The Reformed ought to visit Presbyterians, too. It's good to get familiar with each other.

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Both the United Reformed Church (in Lynden or Bellingham) and the American Reformed Church (Lynden or Nooksack) are worth checking out. I've got family in both American Reformed congregations.


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It wasn't that long ago (well, maybe 20 years now) when Lynden had an informal Sabbath law (not on the books but enforced by peer pressure). Gas stations and other businesses would close, except they'd allow a station to open on the Lord's Day by rotation for the outsiders passing through. One person tried to open a dance hall with liquor sales, only to find that there in fact was a city ordinance against that.

Jack K

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Fun fact: I got married in Lynden when I was twelve.

My dad's best friend from college was a Reformed pastor there, and our family visited a few times during my childhood. Our family had four boys. The pastor in Lynden had all girls—five or six of them, I think.

The summer I was twelve, we arrived to find that the girls were anxiously waiting for us so that we kids could all play wedding. The church was next door to the parsonage, and the girls had access to the building. They had decorated the sanctuary and planned the whole event, and now that we boys were there they steered us into the church and assigned us roles. I was picked for the groom.

We played along, but I remember feeling uncomfortable. First, because we were not allowed to play in the church my dad pastored back home, and playing in a church seemed wrong. Second, because I had a girl I barely knew holding my hand, staring dreamily at me, and reciting wedding vows. I guess it's a girl thing. I'd rather have been playing football.
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