Church in the Virginia Beach Area

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Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing to let everyone know that there is a new church in the Virginia Beach, VA area. It is called Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and here is the website: Reformation OPC - A Reformed Church in Virginia Beach, VA We are a church plant of OPC.

A member of our church noticed that an older Puritan Board thread about Reformed churches in the Virginia Beach area indicated that there are no OPC churches there. I am happy to say that that thread is now inaccurate! Since that older thread was coming up in Google searches, I thought that I'd post this in hopes that this thread comes up now too.

Bill Reddinger
Reformation OPC
Virginia Beach, VA


Puritan Board Junior
Wonderful news! Glad to hear that another outpost of the Kingdom has been established by our Lord. May He bless your labors.
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