Churches near Fort Benning Columbus, GA

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Dear PB,

I would like to know if there are any solid reformed churches in the Columbus, GA area. A Psalm singing, KJV, head-covering church with experiential preaching would be nice, but I know we can't just order off a menu. Any suggestions where one might go while down south? Thanks in advance.


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Sadly, I am a part of the only "Psalm singing, KJV, head-covering" church in the state (as far as I know; I'd be delighted to know of others), and we're a hike from Columbus. We do have some folks that come from pretty far down I-85S though..

The best conservative Reformed church in the closer area is the OPC in LaGrange. They have a solid preacher and make frequent use of the Psalms in worship. Even further out there is an ARP church in Moreland/Senoia that I know some folks at. There are also PCA churches around but I wouldn't know which, if any, to recommend.


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A little closer than La Grange or Atlanta -

There are two PCA churches not very far apart on the north side of Columbus. There's a third in the northern suburb of Midland.

There are also a couple in the Auburn-Opelika area.

Jack K

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Although I can't point you to a church like what you described, I will respond because I am familiar with Columbus and visit often, as my father-in-law lives there.

The two PCA churches are not much different. Both are middle-of-the-road in terms of what you'd expect from the PCA. Of the two, St. Andrews has a somewhat more traditional feel to it, but I can't recall having ever seen a head covering at either church, nor hearing the KJV read, nor singing many psalms.

The Bible is taken seriously and Christ is preached, and as a visitor I'm happy to have those churches when I find myself in Columbus. I can't speak about church life outside the services, as I've only interacted as a visitor. And other than my father-in-law's mainline church, those are the only Columbus churches I've attended.


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Rev. Lewis,
Like Jake said, we're just about the only thing that matches what you're looking for specifically. If you could some how arrange to be in Atlanta on the Sabbath, we would be thrilled to have you. If you let us know ahead of time, we may be able to arrange for a family to give you quarters if necessary.

Otherwise, I suspect that the OPC in LaGrange will be your best bet.


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Thanks all, and thanks Tyler. We will keep this in mind when we come down, DV.
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