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In the absence of the blogs of old where one could collect links to significant threads, I'd like to post here for reference some previous eschatology threads (I'll be doing the same for Baptism and misc material, and textual material). I'll give a link to here in my signature.

End Time, Revelation, Babylon, Pharmakeia etc URLs
These are a collection of such threads and/or posts (at PuritanBoard) to date, as well pharmakeia studies published at Scribd. In the PB threads of others I have usually linked to my first post therein, and from there one can then go back to the beginning of the discussion if desired.

As one can see, some of these are earlier explorations on themes in Revelation – works in progress. I continue working on the topic of Babylon, and what the implications of that are for us in the 21st century. I will update this list as needed.

Thoughts on similarities between the premillennial and amillennial views [November 2016]

This ruffled some feathers.

Theonomy and Drugs [March 2016]
I'm starting this where I first entered the discussion, at post #18 (one can go back to see the start). It's amazing how folks can wax knowledgeable on the topic of psychedelic drugs and yet not know what they are talking about. It would be laughable were it not reflective of such great danger to the saints, for when these things are allowed in the temple of God they are brought into communion with the Spirit of Christ. Imagine, allowing the demonic such access!

Why is scripture silent on... ...drugs? [2014]
This is an unusual thread (I start posting in #7). Toward the end a gentleman opposes me with a secular – worldly – knowledge of the topic in question used medicinally but ignorant of its spiritual affect in the soul. Because it is effective as an analgesic (which I acknowledge) he says it should be given to Christians to relieve pain, discounting the terrible spiritual danger this involves them in; he thinks worldly counsel trumps spiritual understanding. The admins closed the thread before I could finish responding. Later I was told not to write on this topic anymore as the admins and mods do not agree with my view. This bodes ill for the church, but I will honor their position, and simply publish elsewhere.

SORCERY, A Vocabulary Word For 2015

New Insights in Amillennial Eschatology [2015]

The Roman Pope Is The Antichrist [2014]

Responsible opposing views, plus exploration of “man of sin”

Thoughts on Puritan Eschatology [2014]

Looking at “mediate prophecy” in Puritan thought, and Richard Bauckham’s thoughts on “eschatological excess” in prophecy, and its purpose

The Fate of Babylon, a study in determining the identity and demise of Babylon in John’s Apocalypse [revised 2016]

Question for Amillennialist [2014]

(Starting in post #7) On Ezekiel's temple, etc

Zechariah 14:1-4 literal or symbolic? [2013]

New Testament Nations in Eschatology

(Starting in post #3)

On “the mark of the beast” [2012]

(Some repetition in these “mark” posts)

The Mark of the Beast Question?

(I start in post #9)

Revelation 14 - the 3 angel messengers (angels preaching the gospel?)

(Starting in post #5)

Another on the Mark of the Beast

Question on Matthew 24 thread

On the word "generation" in 24:34

Quoting Kim Riddlebarger on "multiple fulfillment" of prophecy

Can somebody help me with a brief summary of the a millennium view in eschatology

Kings worshipping Christ -- THIS earth or NEW earth?

(Starting in post #3)

I have no idea who the 2 witnesses are!

(Starting in post #4)

Does the Woman of Rev 12. Become the Prostitute.

(Starting in post #5)

Sam Storms' switch from Dispensational to Amil and his critique of premillennialism

Pondering the times

Contemporary Amillennialism contra the “full idealist” view [2012]

(Starting in post #21)

Revelation: inspirational drama of poetic symbols, or multi-genre prophecy? [2012]

(Continuing discussion re "Full Idealist" view of William Milligan vs. "Modified Idealist" of G.K. Beale et al)

1,260 days / 42 months / 3½ years – the Amillennial view [2012]

Satan Released - an amillennial view [2012]

(Starting in post #5)

On “the mark of the beast” [2012]

Future State of Israel As Prophesied By Wilhelmus 'A Brakel

(Starting in post #6)

Undecided on a Particular View of Eschatology [2010]

"that man of sin"

(Starting in post #30)

Amillenialism: Current state of Satan? [2011]

(Starting in post #18)

Thoughts on Babylon the Great in Revelation [2010]

Are We Babylon? [2010]

Pharmakeia stuff

Would you smoke Marijuana if it were legal?

Marijuana Allowed In The Church? The impact and sin of Biblical sorcery (pharmakeia) in the 21st century [in PDF]

Marijuana Allowed In The Church? The impact and sin of Biblical sorcery (pharmakeia) in the 21st century [in Word]
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