Comment by Packer on covenant theology

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In section V on Packer's introduction to Witsius' [i:3fc253a5a4]Economy of the Covenants[/i:3fc253a5a4], he speaks of "a biblical-theological, redemptive-historical perspective for presenting covenant theology (three periods -- the covenant of works, made with Adam; the covenant of grace, made with and through Moses; the new covenant, made through Christ)." Is it just me, or is this unbiblically splitting the covenant of grace (and wrongly asserting that it was made with Moses)? Am I misunderstanding Packer? I hope so.


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I think he is simply following the structure of WCF 7, in which the two main administrations of the covenant of grace are set forth. I would recommend Rowland Ward's [i:794ef16052]God and Adam[/i:794ef16052].


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I did not check the full context of the quote, but the covenant of grace is eternal, and is among the members of the Trinity.
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