Commentaries on Daniel

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Looking to do a sermon series on Daniel.

Need exegetical commentaries and pastoral/applicatory commentaries. Give me your recommendations with reasoning why they are good, any quirks they might have, and weird thoughts on particular passages. Thanks.

P.S. Daniel is not a minor or major's found in the writings section of the OT. :)
EJ Young (idealist interpretation after Antiochius) Young is just one of the best period exegeticallly be it dated or not.
Sinclair Ferguson (more pastoral)
John Calvin (Believes in a preterist approach after Antiochus and shows it was the early Roman empire. I tend to agree).
I have preached through Daniel. The best commentary by far is Iain Duguid. I also really liked Sinclair Ferguson’s work. Longman’s commentary in NIVAC is ine of his best efforts and well worth the investment. Dale Ralph Davis has one out now as well, which I have but have not read, though I am sure it is excellent.
For the older commentators, Keil and Delitzsch, Young, and Lange are probably your best bets. But don't skip Duguid.
Appreciate your answers Lane and Trent. Anyone else? Why is it that I get so many answers when I ask about Romans but very few when I ask about Daniel? You guys on the PB dispensational or something?:popcorn::rofl::candle:
The best commentary by far is Iain Duguid.

No surprise to hear you say that! I always struggled to teach Daniel until I read Duguid's commentary, which finally let me make sense of the book as a whole. And the commentary is easy to read. Very helpful.
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