Comprehensive Work on the Relationship Between Justification and Works

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The Heidelblog has many resources on the Reformed understanding of the relationship of Justification and Good Works. Has someone written a comprehensive work on the subject?


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The doctrinal treatises of Owen, Buchanan, Burgess, Downame, Pemble, Brown of Wamphrey, Gerhard, and Turretin on justification will all contain a relation of works to justification, but Davenant's A Treatise on Justification, Or the Disputatio De Justitia Habituali Et Actuali in 2 Volumes deals specifically with the relation of habitual righteousness and actual righteousness (good works) to justification contra Romanist/Arminian senses. It's available on
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Michael Horton has currently the leading modern work on Justification which is two volumes and goes by the same name. He addresses the relationship comprehensively.
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