Confessional Presbyter 14; “Images of Christ and the Vitals of the Reformed System.”

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Time to subscribe to v14 of the CPJ. If you have never checked out The Confessional Presbyterian journal before, this would be a good year to subscribe for the current issue that will go to press sometime this month, D.V. I should be announcing final contents soon. In addition to a lot of interesting articles there is a unique one that adds to the literature against so called pictures of Christ. This is Harrison Perkins’ “Images of Christ and the Vitals of the Reformed System.” His thesis:
“There are an increasing number of candidates [for the ministry] taking exception to the traditional view of the second commandment. I argue that the Reformed interpretation of the second commandment, which prohibits images of Christ, should be normative for our lives because the entire force of the Reformed system supports this position. In other words, I examine whether the second commandment even 'could' permit images of Christ, much less should, if one presumes the Reformed system. More specifically, by taking exception to the Westminster Standards on the second commandment, one does strike at the vitals of the system, because this exception has ramifications for many other areas of the system; and to permit images of Christ’s humanity is a clear exception to the intent of the Westminster Assembly, as is easily demonstrated from historical sources. Presbyteries, therefore, should not permit this exception. My argument proceeds by situating the implications of making images of Christ in relation to various systematic loci: through covenant and ecclesiology, through theology proper, anthropology, and Christology, and through eschatology.”
You can subscribe to the current issue at the link. For this year we now have an international distributor which significantly reduces the cost for those outside of North America. See the link at the link. USA and Canada can subscribe here:
Yes; an annual; our 14th year. It is a large format journal (7.5x10.5) and our minimum length has been in the 256pp range, dbl col. format. The international price due to shipping was killing the international market (thank you USPS) but we may have solved that this year. James Dickson Books (link is at the page linked at end of my OP) is distributing to all countries outside of North America. He's selling subscriptions for £18.00 (retail he lists as £38.95).
Sounds great, I'm hoping to move back to the UK before the end of this year, will that be on time to subscribe and receive this year's issue?
I would check with them on what best to do. If this works he likely will continue to stock it but if you don't want a delay, get a request in for the first batch that goes out to him and maybe he'll hold off sending until you request it.
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