Confessional Presbyterian 14, almost done

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We lack a few reviews which should hit his week, D.V. and then I can wrap up v14 of The Confessional Presbyterian and go to print. Excellent line up of articles and other things as noted in previous threads and an international distributor to reduce costs for those outside of North America. Article line up and recurring features below (I'll add the reviews list once the section is finalized this week, D.V.). To subscribe for USA and Canada you can do so here:
Table of Contents

2. Editorial
3. Thomas Dwight Witherspoon (1836–1898)
By Francis R. Beattie
9. Christ. His Constraining Love. A Sermon by T. D. Witherspoon
By Thomas Dwight Witherspoon
17. A Children’s Book about God’s Hesed: T. D. Witherspoon’s Children of the Covenant
By C. N. Willborn
29. The Man in Linen: A New and Old Interpretation of Ezekiel 9–10
By Lane Keister
37. The Patristic Roots of Post-Reformation Views on the Properties of Scripture as Exhibited in the Preaching of John Chrysostom
By David T. King
51. William Ames and the Westminster Assembly
By Allen Stanton
63. Fighting for Phoebe: The Widow-Deacon and the Westminster Assembly’s Concept of an Alms-Based Women’s Ministry
By Nathan Eshelman
73. Alexander Shields, the Revolution Settlement and the Unity of the Visible Church
By Matthew Vogan
115. Desert Rose: Thomas Chalmers’ West Port Experiment (1844–1847)
By Michael J. Ives
126. Wisdom & Folly in Pastoral Ministry: Samuel Miller’s Use of Antithesis in His Published Lectures
By Zachary Groff
139. John DeWitt: New School Presbyterian at an Old School Seminary
By Joshua Brownfield
149. Wartime Sermons: Twelve Pulpit Messages from Georgia Presbyterians During World War II
By Frank J. Smith
177. Changing Direction: Moving Away From Technique-Driven Exegesis
By Benjamin Shaw
183. Shot through with Personality: Establishing Man’s Freedom within the Sovereign Plan of God
By Daniel Ragusa
201. Images of Christ and the Vitals of the Reformed System
By Harrison Perkins (I posted about this article here)

216 Reviews & Responses: (Contents continued on page 2).

??? Psallo: Psalm 128:1–6 (pagination will be set once Reviews is closed out).
??? In Translatiōne: Johannes Hornbeeck (1617–1666), Disputational Piety at Leiden, and a Translation of De desiderio animæ erga Christum
??? Antiquary: A Transcription from Manuscript of a Sermon on Psalm 2:10–12 by George Gillespie (given there are only two known sermons surviving by Gillespie the discovery and transcription of this partial ms of one he preached before the Scottish parliament which would sadly approve the disastrous Engagement is an important find on several levels.
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