Congregations in Columbus (GA) Area

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(I see there was a thread about this a few years back, but could not post to it and was curious about any further information or updates)

Any updates about Reformed congregations in this area? Is anybody familiar with the Berean Covenant Church of Columbus?

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As far as Presbyterian churches, there are some PCA churches in Columbus and there is an OPC in LaGrange if you are dedicated (looks to be a 35 minute drive from the northern city limit of Columbus, but realistically more like 50 minutes for most of the city).

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We travel to Columbus about once a year because my in-laws live there. Occasionally we feel obliged to attend their mainline church with them, but usually we visit one of the two PCA congregations, Saint Andrews or Westminster. For a church to visit, we're happy enough with both.

I've noticed the Berean church when searching for options. But since their convictions are baptistic and pre-mil, and ours are not, we've not bothered checking them out. Pickings are slim for a city the size of Columbus, but we've found two that do the job for our needs.

Why do you ask? Are you already familiar with the PCA churches? Do you have something specific you're wondering about? On this board, one man's fine church to visit can be another's place to avoid.


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There are also a smattering of PCA and EPC churches in the Auburn - Opelika area. But the two PCA churches on the north side are the only two I know of in the Columbus area. Unless you speak Korean?

There are a couple of ECOs, but I wouldn't recommend that.
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