Covenant of Works & The Tree of Life

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Richard, Ruben says that in the Marrow of Modern Divinity there is an insistence that man broke every command in that action -- if so, he did sin against all of his original righteousness as well?

Well I would agree with that. But my understanding has always been that it wasn't possible for Adam to sin and lose his original righteousness except through disobeying that specific command.

In a sense God made things as easy as possible for Adam and his offspring in his probation. Adam had to do nothing - i.e. had to avoid eating of the Tree - in order for his original righteousness, Eve's original righteousness and that of His posterity to be confirmed.


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Regarding the alternate translation, I have seen the issue broached in a few commentators pre-Thomas Boston. For instance, Junius appears to adopt that reading in his analysis of Genesis.
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