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    14th issue of The Confessional Presbyterian is here; just barely in 2018. Thanks to those of you who have ordered. These will start going out Monday (yes, I will tread the dreaded USPS on Dec 24th for you). If you have not ordered one yet prices go up Jan. 1. See info direct order links below for North America and the link to James Dickson Books for all other countries. Share with those you think may be interested. Some very good material and an important piece on the 2nd commandment as to why LC109 on pictures of Christ is a part of the system of doctrine of the Westminster Standards. Table of Contents below.
    North American (US, Canada)

    Buy now US indiv., $20.

    Buy now US institution, $25.

    Buy now Canada, $40.

    USA purchasers may take advantage of this special offer and purchase the v12, v13 and v14 for the special price of $50 (USA only, buy now). These will all ship together when the v14 issue is available in mid December, D.V.

    If you prefer not to use Paypal, chose the Stripe option to pay via credit card at the online store at check out (link).

    All other destinations (UK, Australia, etc.) may now subscribe at a much more reasonable rate via our worldwide distributor, James Dickson Books (link).
    Table of Contents

    2. Editorial


    3. Thomas Dwight Witherspoon (1836–1898)

    By Francis R. Beattie

    9. Christ. His Constraining Love. A Sermon by T. D. Witherspoon

    By Thomas Dwight Witherspoon

    17. A Children’s Book about God’s Hesed: T. D. Witherspoon’s Children of the Covenant

    By C. N. Willborn

    29. The Man in Linen: A New and Old Interpretation of Ezekiel 9–10

    By Lane Keister

    37. The Patristic Roots of Post-Reformation Views on the Properties of Scripture as Exhibited in the Preaching of John Chrysostom

    By David T. King

    51. William Ames and the Westminster Assembly

    By Allen Stanton

    63. Fighting for Phoebe: The Widow-Deacon and the Westminster Assembly’s Concept of an Alms-Based Women’s Ministry

    By Nathan Eshelman

    73. Alexander Shields, the Revolution Settlement and the Unity of the Visible Church

    By Matthew Vogan

    115. Desert Rose: Thomas Chalmers’ West Port Experiment (1844–1847)

    By Michael J. Ives

    126. Wisdom & Folly in Pastoral Ministry: Samuel Miller’s Use of Antithesis in His Published Lectures

    By Zachary Groff

    139. John DeWitt: New School Presbyterian at an Old School Seminary

    By Joshua Brownfield

    149. Wartime Sermons: Twelve Pulpit Messages from Georgia Presbyterians During World War II

    By Frank J. Smith

    177. Changing Direction: Moving Away From Technique-Driven Exegesis

    By Benjamin Shaw

    183. Shot through with Personality: Establishing Man’s Freedom within the Sovereign Plan of God

    By Daniel Ragusa

    201. Images of Christ and the Vitals of the Reformed System

    By Harrison Perkins

    216 Reviews & Responses: Cornelis Venema, Christ and Covenant Theology: Essays on Election, Republication, and the Covenant (Gabriel N.E. Fluhrer) 216 ■ Jeffrey S. McDonald, John Gerstner and the Renewal of Presbyterian Evangelicalism in Modern America (Benjamin Shaw) 221 ■ Paul C. H. Lim, Mystery Unveiled: The Crisis of the Trinity in Early Modern England (Harrison Perkins) 223 ■ Garnet Howard Milne, Has the Bible Been Kept Pure? The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Providential Preservation of Scripture (Benjamin Shaw) 224 ■ Matthew Knell, Sin, Grace and Free Will: A Historical Survey of Christian Thought, Volume 1: The Apostolic Fathers to Augustine (Mark A. Herzer) 226 ■ Alan D. Strange, The Doctrine of the Spirituality of the Church in the Ecclesiology of Charles Hodge (Jeffrey A. Stivason) 228

    231 Psallo: Psalm 128:1–6

    234 In Translatiōne: Johannes Hornbeeck (1617–1666), Disputational Piety at Leiden, and a Translation of De desiderio animæ erga Christum

    249 Antiquary: A Transcription from Manuscript of a Sermon on Psalm 2:10–12 by George Gillespie

    263 Bibliography

    279 The Editors

    . In Brief: Samuel Miller: Prayer Prior to Preaching (138) ■ In Brief: George Gillespie, Psalm 2 and Christ’s Mediatorial Kingdom (262) ■ 
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    Wonderful! Looking forward to another issue.
  3. Jeri Tanner

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    These are a treasure.
  4. Reformed Bookworm

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    I am greatly looking forward to this! I just informed my elder who is ordering ours.
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