Customizing Logos base packages?

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Does Logos allow you to customize a base package before purchase at all? There are a number of things in the Reformed base packages that are extremely uninterestin whereas the Anglican base packages have some extremely interesting items. Vos' dogmatics only comes in the Reformed base package, but I'd much rather have Jeremy Taylor than Peter Leithart.


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You could always call up one of their sales staff and attempt to "dicker." Afterall, you are at no now.

My guess as a user of Logos since their beginning is that you will have more success with add ons than with a base package. In other words, they may make you buy SOMETHING and then be more willing to deal on future packages. In some of my conversations with sales staff, it has appeared that there is some wiggle room for them to make deals.


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Yes, I would call. The sales agents are helpful, and have abilities to customize beyond the web page offerings. I use Todd Cullop and have been very pleased with his help.

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