D. A. Carson's sermon on Psalm 40

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I prefer his preaching to his writing

I've always had a hard time getting into his writings. His lectures and sermons are a different case. Those I have enjoyed. I suppose I should give them another chance. His commentary on John's Gospel is helpful, but it wasn't my favorite.

Anyway, thanks for bringing this sermon to my attention. Psalm 40 is full of marvelous riches. I look forward to giving it a listen.


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I prefer his preaching to his writing...

I honestly find a lot of his writing to be quite riveting. I have read some of his writing on worship (I can't remember which book), and I thought it was excellent. He is often very lively and poignant, especially when he moves from exegesis to application. I also find his analysis of current church affairs to be good, if not even fun.
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