David’s instructions to the seer of Israel regarding holding your silence, part 2

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David’s instructions to dean of musicians and the king's seer regarding holding your silence, part 2 Psalm 62

Jeduthan, dean of musicians, thank you for your service as director of musicians under my reign. Once again, I make my odd request of the dean of music, you who prophesies on the harp, I need you to convey silence before God. Help me with the music for a Psalm on silence. Help for a psalm on silence is an odd request for a musician and yet that is the Psalm the Lord laid on my heart and I feel led to ask you for help with the music. Your sons are the gatekeepers and important to security and I would like to focus on God as my rock my security and waiting in silence for my security.

Greet Heman, grandson of Samuel, enlist his wisdom as seer of Israel in this Psalm on silence.
Heman may be seer of Israel, but you dear Jethunuh are the King's seer!
Consult Asaph, who's sons lead the twenty-four orders of musicians, regarding the singing.

I see three sections God at the start middle and end. Musically project a strong feeling of peace and confidence in these sections. I suggest a bold antiphonal orchestra. One orchestra on one side always standing, cymbals and trumpets for the sections regarding God. One orchestra on the other side always sitting, flutes, harps whimsically mostly portraying the wicked. Perhaps your sons Mattihiah and Odeb Edom, who are particularly skilled on the strings might have some ideas for that. A few other things: Emphasis on the words alone and only. We shall not have even one petition in this Psalm underscoring a strong confidence in God. Underscore musically the six time alone or only is used. Perhaps you might use the flutes to have a tune ascend when alone or only is used of God and descend when used of the wicked.

Begin with a tumultuous cacophonous , music depicting struggle and the wicked and cut to tranquility and silence.
Have the conductor walk up to a large stone. Stand on it as a platform to conduct from. And by conductor I mean for you to be the conductor. I would like you to conduct.

In the start of the first section, lead in with silence. I would like you, Ethan, as one who prophesies on a harp by the Lord to play your harp and sing solo “My soul waits in silence”, followed by a long pause of silence. Then the rest of the singers will join.

Lead into praise for God as my salvation and my rock. Have trumpets bolstering the feel of confidence and the cymbals punctuate this part of the section.

In contrast move to the wicked. God is the rock of the righteous nevertheless the wicked try to rock the righteous. Use flutes and accapella singing in minor key for the sections concerning the wicked sung a notch less the sections about confidence in God. Use the strings and flutes for this.


Once again, tumultuous cacophonous , music depicting struggle and the wicked and cut to tranquility and silence.
And in the second section again lead in with silence. You, Jeduthan, again as one who prophesies on the harp sing solo 'My soul waits in silence for you ', then the rest of the singers join.

Move to forte. Back to trumpets. God is my rock. They tried to move me but I’m not going anywhere. Make generous use of cymbals as there is an appeal to all people to trust God. Pour out your heart to God. Trust in God. Please think how to refledt this musically. how to represent people pouring out their hearts in a Psalm about souls being silent before God.


In the last section, go back to the wicked for contrast. Sung softer as if the wicked are in retreat. Big view of God small view of man. Put the wicked on a scale.. they don't go down, they go up... Here I will make a surprise reversal of a theme. In my past Psalm I asked help with, I urged the righteous to consider how vaporous and fleeting their lives were. Now, I suggest the righteous consider how vaporous and transitory the wicked are. Just wait. They’ll be gone sooner than you think. Sooner than they think for sure. Make it almost whimsical. Use flutes. Men low or high born are waning, vaporous. Those who think themselves high are a lie, both lighter than air. Don’t trust in anything not fair and square. In money we trust is a motto for fools. Don’t 'buy' into it.

End on God with an air of finality. Double forte. Trumpets are back. He spoke once. He spoke twice. Hesed and power. Love and majesty meet with mercy and yet rewording each according to his work. Generous use of trumpets and cymbals. Have both sides join together in the final thoughts of the Psalm.

Your sons are indeed skilled on the strings and my apologies in advance to Obed Edom for having them represent the wicked. I think they'll take it well.

Thank you my friend Ethan (I prefer the shorter form of your name)
How blessed I am to have the Lord bring up together though form different tribes, I growing up in Bethlehem of Judah
and you a Levite living in Bethlehem at times. How blessed I was to have you as my harp teacher.

Trust only in God alone!

King David
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