David Dickson (1628) on Lamentations 3:8

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“When I cry he shuts out my prayer.” Lamentations 3:8.
From David Dickson's 27 Sermons on Jeremiah's Lamentations, Sermon 12, first sermon on chapter 3. I've posted on this before but hadn't revealed the preacher. This 1628 manuscript was recently discovered by Matthew Vogan (of Reformation Scotland) and I'm editing the rough transcript of the text Matthew had done in the manner of the works of Durham for Reformation Heritage Books to publish maybe next year. Lot of work to do, and it will need a good introduction given the works importance. It has some 'hard' things; but make sure to get to the last line.

Verse 8. “When I cry he shuts out my prayer.” This is worst of all that he says. He prayed and God would not hear him, but as He said before, though Noah, Job and Daniel stood before Him, they shall not save a soul but their own [Ezekiel 14:14]. See here, He seems to shut in the voice of Jeremiah’s lamentable supplication for this people because they had not received Jeremiah’s message off his hand. We see that when the ministry of |220| a faithful man is despised by a people, albeit he would pray and entreat never so much and never so earnestly for them, God will not hear him when He is to punish them for despising of His Word.

2. We see that sore afflictions will sharpen and set on edge the prayers of the dullest of God’s servants.

Use. Who will not pray or prays coldrife [coldly; lukewarmly] in the day of ease, trouble shall make them cry.

3. “Shutteth out my prayer.” When God is angry He will seem for a while to misken [ignore] a man’s prayer when He is purposed to answer in His own due time.
Use. Cease not to pray albeit God seem angry at thy prayer, for the prayers of God’s dearest servants have been shut out to their sense and yet they have prayed on.

4. We see that of any part of a man’s trouble this is the heaviest, not to profit at God’s hand by prayer. For there is nothing liker unto wrath than to pray and not to be heard. Wonder nothing that those who are instant with God in prayer and are not answered have a sad heart. Yet hear their comfort, that they are not there alone in trouble, but have the company of God’s dearest saints.

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This is really exciting news. I can't wait to dig into this post. I really do appreciate all of your labor. I have enjoyed the fruits of your efforts a few times now. My newest acquisition from your releases is Durham on Job. I am greatly looking forward to it.
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