David Dickson's Sermons on Jeremiah's Lamentations been available two years now

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David Dickson's sermons on Jeremiah's Lamentations has been out two years now. It was volume III in the first year of the new series, Naphtali Press Special Editions, which recently finished the three volumes of James Durham's Commentary Upon Revelation. The Dickson sermons were preserved in manuscript circa 1628 and these sermons were transcribed and edited and printed for the first time in this volume. Available in the Naphtali Press Special Editions series at Reformation Heritage Books. Overview by Scotland's Forgotten History here. Reformed Forum did a podcast in January 2021 about the book here, with Matthew Vogan, who wrote the introduction and was responsible in obtaining the MS in photos and a rough transcription that I worked with.


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It is an exceptionally valuable resource. So many of his comments with application to his contemporary situation could have almost been equally written for the church today.

Contains nuggets like this: "There is more pity to be found at the hands of an offended God, than in all the world beside." (p79). If we are forced to conclude and lament that God is angry with us, what can we do, where can we go, except turn back to God.
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