David Landsborough on the promise of grace and glory

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
He gives grace; and having given grace as the pledge, he will undoubtedly give, in fulfilment of the pledge, glory, as the promised possession. For grace and glory differ not in kind, but in degree. Grace is the bud, glory is the sweet, unwithering blossom — grace is the precious seed, glory is the golden harvest — grace is the dawn, the purple streakings of the sky, the orient tints of the morning; glory is the light, the splendour, the bright effulgence of the perfect day — grace is the might, the armour, the valour in the day of battle; glory is the shout of victory, the song of triumph, the dividing of the spoil, the crowning of the conqueror, the peace and rest and blessedness that await the people of God.

For the reference, see David Landsborough on the promise of grace and glory.