"Dawn to the Perfect Day" - Reverend Alexander Raleigh

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I stumbled across a book for 1p at a charity shop, by Archbishop Temple (a man who argued against incense in the worship of the Piskie Church) right next to it was this work by Alexander Raleigh "Dawn to Perfect Day" a series of sermons published in 1883. Not knowing the man, and guessing it had been donated by the man that owned the Temple book I said "Ah a modestly Evangelical Anglican! Possibly caught up in Evolution" I spent some 50p ($0.75) acquiring the volumes. I also got Matthew Henry Luke-John commentary. And a work by one of the Bonar brothers.

However, as I got reading I discovered he wasn't an anglican but did have some regard for a church calander. A quick search of the internet shows him to be a Congregationalist pastor of some repute, who was awarded a DD by the University of Glasgow and laboured in Scotland and England, was president of the Union and preached in America after the Civil War.


The Book Itself

Haven't read it all yet.

The book contains 31 sermons in a sort of "life series". The theme of the series is that of Proverbs 4:18, the path of the just. The shining light getting brighter untill finally perfection.

Occasionally the writer speculates in things too deep and suggests things which are not helpful. He litters his sermons with illustrations and real life examples, he takes a text and occasional requires a bit of ability to turn it to address his audience, but this he does well.

Any information on the writer? Anybody read any of his works?
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