Dealing with baad traffic jams

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Stephen L Smith

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New Zealand Police have to deal with some challenging road Policing situations from time to time. Do you get traffic jams this baad in your country? Ewe can see there is no easy solution for the Police :)

It is New Zealand, mate, so they were probably on their way to vote. ;)
Daniel, you are a bit of a dag, pulling the wool over PB members eyes. Ewe see we had our elections a few months ago. Instead, what is happening in this photo is that the New Zealand Police are trying to ram into the minds of these road users the need to better understand the road rules. Road users must not get sheepish when it comes to obeying the rules. Ewe get the point? :) :)
This thread is a blanket violation of one of the rules of the board. I'm just not sure which one. :lol:
Problem is the police running around in that little car. They need to buy a Dodge Ram to clear the road. Get a 2500 with the Cummins Diesel and roll some coal. That mutton will get out of the way.
Of course your Aussie neighbors recently had their own version of a mob-up on a golf course...

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