Death Is Your Best Friend

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Death cannot hurt you!

(William Mason, "The One Thing Needful to Make
Poor Sinners Rich--and Miserable Sinners Happy")

Christian! Death cannot hurt you! Death is your
best friend--who is commissioned by Christ to summon
you from the world of vanity and woe, and from a body
of sin and death--to the blissful regions of glory and
immortality, to meet your Lord, and to be forever
with Him!

In the Marian persecution, a godly woman was
brought before "Bloody Bonner", bishop of London,
on account of her faith in Christ.

The bishop threatened he would take her husband.
Said she, "Christ is my husband!"

Said he, "I will take away your child."
Said she, "Christ is better to me than ten sons!"

Said he, "I will strip you of all your comforts."
Said she, "Christ is mine, and you cannot strip me
of Him! Take away whatever you will--you cannot
take away my Christ from me!"

Just so, death may threaten to take all from you.
But you may boldly put death at defiance, as she
did Satan's bishop. Having Christ in your heart,
you will take a smiling leave of the world, and (as
good old Simeon, with Christ in his arms) say,
"Sovereign Lord, as You have promised, You now
dismiss your servant in peace, for my eyes have
seen Your salvation!" Luke 2:29, 30.
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