Dick Lucas quoting from Nazi edict re: Reicht Church

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I was listening to a sermon on Psalm 2 and Dick quoted from a nazi document regarding the establishment of the reicht church. It was numbered but he didn't give the source??
7. ...only reicht orators can speak in reicht churches
13. ...cessation of publishing and disseminating Bibles in German
18. ...will clear from it's altars all crucifixes, pictures of saints and bibles, nothing but Mein Kampf...
30. ...on the day of its foundation all christian crosses must be removed and superceded by the only unconquerable symbol - the swastika.

What was he quoting from?


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Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Reich Church - 1942 AD New York Times article

I have written much about Adolf Hitler and Nazism including The “dejewification” of the Bible by Adolf Hitler.
Hereinafter, I am posting the text of the 1942 AD New York Times article “Nazi State Church Plan Proposes To Oust Other Faiths and Ban Bible” by Daniel T. Bringham. Amongst other facts, we will lean that the “Nazi State Church Plan Proposes To Oust Other Faiths” including Christianity as the Nazi State Church is a national and racial pseudo-church “and Ban Bible” which is to be replaced with Hitler’s own Mein Kampf .

Herein begins the article (with some emphasis added for emphasis) after which I posted the actual copy of the original:

BERNE, Switzerland, Jan. 2—Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, long the antireligious polemist of modern Germany and the protagonist of the “new national church,” has just released for publication a thirty-point program that will form at the same time the program and tenets of the “religion of National Socialism.”

The Nazi religious concept is founded not on the worship of Wotan and Valhalla, dear to the memory of General Erich von Ludendorff, but surprisingly enough, in view of Dr. Rosenberg's past attacks on Christianity and its teachings, on a partial worship of God, whose works are “eternal.”

Briefly but succinctly he outlines the organization and teachings of the church in the following phrases—for which, as the Swiss Socialist newspaper Volksrecht of Zurich points out, “one needs to be no ecclesiast to draw his own conclusion”:

1. The National Reich Church specifically demands the immediate turning over to its possession of all churches and chapels, to become national churches.

2. The German people have no call to serve the National Reich Church, but that church itself is called to serve its single doctrine—race and people.

3. The domain of the National Reich Church is limited by the territorial frontiers of the Reich and its colonies.

4. The National Reich Church will oblige no German to adhere to it. It is, however, ready to do all in its power to include in its ranks every German soul. Other churches or religious associations, above all those based on international bodies or directed from abroad, will not be tolerated in Germany by the National Reich Church.

5. The National Reich Church is immutably fixed in its one objective: to destroy that Christian belief imported into Germany in the unfortunate year 800, whose tenets conflict with both the heart and the mentality of the German.

6. No structural alterations will be carried out on existing churches in the Reich after their confiscation, for they are living monuments of German culture and development. As Gern1an property they are not only to be appreciated but also to be kept up.

7. In the National Reich Church there will be no erudites, pastors, chaplains or religious orders; only the national “orators” of the Reich Will be allowed to speak.

8. Services of the National Reich Church will be held only at night; they will be held on Saturday night with festive illumination.

9. In the National Reich Church German men and women, boys and girls must recognize God and his eternal work. [Within the context of the German “race” and with “God” defined by the orators of the Reich]

10. The National Reich Church will unceasingly pursue its efforts to attach itself to the State, to which it will submit as a loyal servant. For this reason the National Reich Church demands that all church property belonging to all confessions shall be immediately handed over to the State. [Thus, Nazi politics comes first. Also, this pertains to statement #1.] It wishes that in the future no church of whatever sect be allowed to acquire, possess or receive by legacy any parcel of German soil, however small, for it is not the church that conquered, pursued and tilled the land but the German people.

11. All are excluded from becoming “orators” in the National Church who today or in the future attempt by any means to perpetuate the Christian faith, for they are not only liars to themselves but also to the German people.

12. Orators of the National Church will be assimilated into the category of state functionaries, under whose laws they will live.

Bible to Be Suppressed

13. The National Reich Church demands the immediate cessation of the printing of the Bible, as well as its dissemination, throughout the Reich and colonies. All Sunday papers with any religious content also shall be suppressed.

14. The National Reich Church shall see that the importation of the Bible and other religious works into Reich territory is made impossible.

15. The National Reich Church decrees that the most important document of all time—therefore the guiding document of the German people—is the book of our Fuehrer, “Mein Kampf.” It recognizes that this book contains the principles of the purist ethnic morals under which the German people must live.

16. The National Reich Church will see to it that this book spread its active forces among the entire population and that all Germans live by it.

17. The National Reich Church stipulates that the future editions of “Mein Kampf” shall contain its present number of pages and contents unmodified.

18. The National Reich Church will remove from the altars of all churches the Bible, the cross and religious objects.

19. In their place will be set that which must be venerated by the German people and therefore is by God, our most saintly book, “Mein Kampf,” and to the left of this a sword.

20. The “orators” of the National Reich Church, during their services, will explain to their hearers the contents of this book to the best of their consciences and their knowledge.

21. In the National Reich Church there will be no remission of sins; its tenet is that, once committed, a sin is irrevocable and will be implacably punished by the laws of nature and in this world.

22. The National Reich Church does not recognize the right of baptism of a German child by water in the name of the Holy Ghost.

23. Parents of a new-born German baby will swear an oath before the altar of the church in the following words:

The Husband: I swear before God this sacred oath; that I ______ father of this child, and my wife are proved descendants of the Aryan race. As father I swear to bring up this child in the German spirit for the German people.
The Wife: I swear before God this sacred oath; that I _____ have had a child of my husband and that he is the father of that child. I, its mother, am of proved Aryan descent. As mother I swear to bring up this child in the German spirit for the German people.

On the basis of this oath the new-born will be accepted as a German child; he will receive a. diploma [birth certificate] naming him a German citizen.

24. The National Reich Church rejects the rite of confirmation and, above it, the rite of baptism, and forbids instruction in catechism, communion and the instruction of pre-communicants. The place of spiritual instruction for youth is and will remain—the family, the school and the German youth camps.

25. To solemnize the close of the school year the National Reich Church stipulates that this shall be a “day of youth.” This day shall fall on Good Friday, and on that day only chiefs of youth organizations shall be allowed to speak in the National Reich churches.

26. Marriage or German men and women in the church shall consist of an oath of fidelity spoken with the right hand touching the sword on the altar. There will be no kneeling to take any oath or to perform any reverence, as this action is undignified to a German.

27. The tenth day before Whitsun [Pentecost] is designated the day of the family.

28. The National Reich Church refuses to recognize the usual day of penitence and prayer. Only one religious festival will be allowed—the day on which the National Reich Church was founded.

29. The National Reich Church forbids the creation of any religious insignia.

30. On the day of the foundation of the National Reich Church the Christian cross shall be removed from all churches, cathedrals and chapels inside the frontiers of the Reich and its colonies and will be replaced by the symbol of invincible Germany—the swastika. [#30 clearly contradicts #29]

This program, already widely circulated among the party hierarchs, has been submitted to Reichsfuehrer Hitler for his action.
The people themselves have not been informed nor will they be until the church is accepted.


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The Nazi religious concept is founded not on the worship of Wotan and Valhalla, dear to the memory of General Erich von Ludendorff, but surprisingly enough, in view of Dr. Rosenberg's past attacks on Christianity and its teachings, on a partial worship of God, whose works are “eternal.

Sort of. I doubt there was anything as coherent as a Nazi Religion and nothing like a Nazi Denomination. And the document is correct to an extent that it wasn't founded on Wotan. No one cared that much about Wotan-worship until modern neo-pagans who spend all day LARPing.

I think it is better, pace Calvinist International, to speak in terms of "worldview." We can certainly trace various currents of a Nazi worldview, which can best be scene in Himmler's Wewelsburg Castle. There Himmler communed and channeled Satanic entities.

Also see the Thule organization.

And while the Nazis' demands seem radical to us, they wouldn't have phased too many German protestants. Most of them were violently anti-Jewish, anyway.


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reicht church

Enough about the 'reicht'.

(For those who miss the point, https://translate.google.com/

As for the Nazi position on religion, here's the relevant plank from the party platform:

"24. We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: common utility precedes individual utility."
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