Did the 2nd "PERSON" of the Trinity weep, weary, thirst, hunger, suffer, and die? If not, then "WHO" did?

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The Lord saved me when I was 20 years old. Since then, I have followed Him, taught the Bible, meditated, prayed, and read many great books. In several months, if the Lord is willing, I will turn 70 years old. I'm sure I am much closer to the Lord these last five or six years than I was in all the years previously. But I also have a great desire to know the Lord Jesus much better. I've been praying to that effect for several years now. I just don't understand Him in a way that I think I should. God has graciously helped me over those years to know Jesus a bit better. But I still have too much vagueness in my mind about exactly who he is. I don't mean I doubt that He is the second person of the trinity. I just don't relate to him personally as I do to the Father, the Fountainhead of salvation.

You ask a good and valuable question here, and I eagerly wait to hear the answers that wiser people than me will give.


Ed Walsh
I hope the following will help you.

1) Who is the 1st "Person" of the Trinity? Who is the 2nd "Person" of the Trinity? Who is the 3rd "Person" of the Trinity?

There are "2 Processions" in the Godhead: the 1st Person eternally begets (generates) His eternally begotten Son who is the 2nd Person, and then together with His Son the 3rd Person is eternally spirated.

2) Furthermore, do you agree in the first chapter of Matthew is explains the name of Jesus is "YHWH Saves" from the name Joshua in Hebrew, and also explains He is our Immanuel meaning God with us? Isn't the fountain you mention also spoken of being the fountain of Immanuel's blood?

3) Many theologians say the Father and the Holy Spirit are always pointing away from themselves and pointing toward their beloved, adorable Jesus (who is the eternally begotten Son, who is the 2nd Person of the Trinity, and the first eternal procession in the Godhead).

4) Finally, as one of the Great Shepherd's beloved sheep, it is the "VOICE" of Jesus you hear in the Gospel.

You are a beloved sheep, and this is why you are able to "Hear the Voice of the Shepherd to the saving of your soul".

Jesus loves you and left the 99 for the one.
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