Differences between Westminster Presbyterians and the Continental Reformed?

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It's good to know there are still stone-faced Dutchmen keeping time-honored traditions going. Myself, I haven't been to a Sunday service in a solidly Dutch-heritage congregation in decades. Sometimes I miss it. To help keep people awake during sermons, Presbyterians tend to write long books about how to preach well and listen well. The Dutch, however, use coffee and a start-of-sermon sugar rush.
The peppermints thing is literally every row in our church, at the beginning of every sermon.

But I prefer the "King" brand. My wife hands me a new peppermint for every sermon point. That usually means 3 per service. If we're lucky, 4. If the sermon only has 2 points I complain to the minister.
There is a link between the Scots and the Dutch. The great Apologist Cornelius Van Til once said "A Dutchman is someone who can buy from a Jew, sell to a Scot, and still make a profit" :cool:
My grandfather was born in Holland and he said that Scottish people were just Frisians who swam across the north sea.
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