Discernment sites and slander

Discussion in 'The Law of God' started by arapahoepark, Sep 2, 2019.

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  1. arapahoepark

    arapahoepark Puritan Board Graduate

    True enough. Related would be, what of a character witness? Seems many have no room for them.
  2. Edward

    Edward Puritan Board Doctor

    Probably worthless. Most of the skunks have pretty well constructed public façades.
  3. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)


    And Al Mohler did admit wrongdoing in backing Mahaney. Finally. When it got too inconvenient any longer to support Mahaney.

    We can either conclude he is dishonest and is putting up a public facade because the winds of public opinion have changed. Or we can conclude that he genuinely believes he did wrong and now repents.


    The Church, too, is rife with the error of "the good ol boys' club" - where pastors and police and others protect their own kind instead of adequately looking into abuses of their profession. Catholic priests refuse to snitch on other priests, even when little children are harmed, and Protestants are not much better. And "repentance" comes only after one is caught or pressured, it seems.

    And bloggers can provide such pressure.
  4. Chad Hutson

    Chad Hutson Puritan Board Freshman

    I occasionally visit a couple of these sites, but to be honest, they exhaust me. I do not diminish the necessity for being on the alert, and hats off to those who do the heavy lifting. But I have my hands full with keeping my congregants on the right path, let alone people I have never met who wouldn't listen to me anyway.
  5. BayouHuguenot

    BayouHuguenot Puritan Board Doctor

    You know who Steven Anderson is? That's basically what a discernment site would look like behind the pulpit.
  6. Chad Hutson

    Chad Hutson Puritan Board Freshman

    I never heard of the man, but I did a quick search. Saw all I care to see.
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  7. alexandermsmith

    alexandermsmith Puritan Board Sophomore

    Well with Tullian in particular it might have to do with the fact that there was a lot of warning given about his teaching before all was revealed. Yet those who were doing the warning were dismissed as legalistic or uncharitable and big names stood by him. The whole Tullian fiasco serves as an excellent example of why teachers should be judged by their teaching and not on who they're related to, who their friends are and how much money their books rake in. Which is why he was given a pass. So no let's not forget about Tullian. He is still out there. His enablers are still teaching and wielding influence.
  8. A.Joseph

    A.Joseph Puritan Board Sophomore

    Then you have the Evangelical Dark Web that falls outside the auspices of big Eva. The report you are about to read is not taken from the Babylon Bee (believe it or not).

    “an obvious question for those orthodox Protestant Christians who reject the evangelical dark web is how to run an effective counterinsurgency against the “evangelical dark web?” These are some embryonic thoughts:

    Counterinsurgency has three traditional components: isolate and degrade insurgent activity, build target audience resiliency (e.g. strengthen, defend, and counter-radicalize), and lastly, if and where needed, reform the at-risk regime.

    For countering the evangelical dark web particularly, these steps will need to be taken.”

    “Fight the temptation to get certain outlets or personalities to do battle on your behalf. A critique of the “evangelical dark web” by the Gospel Coalition, ERLC, the New York Times, Washington Post, or the Southern Poverty Law Center, or a byline by Emma Green, Peter Wehner, John Fea, Warren Throckmorton, et. al. will backfire and easily become ammunition for the next round of attacks.....”

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  9. Pergamum

    Pergamum Ordinary Guy (TM)

    If the Gospel Coalition and the ERLC is warning me about a blog, you can guarantee that I will be reading that blog and bookmarking it.
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  10. Edward

    Edward Puritan Board Doctor

    I recall some early defense of TT around here more than a decade ago. And even more caution about not rushing to judgment and waiting for things to develop.
  11. A.Joseph

    A.Joseph Puritan Board Sophomore

    Check out this guy’s bio. What is his dog in this fight?

    “Brian Auten currently serves as a supervisory intelligence analyst with the United States government and is an adjunct professor in the Department of Government at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia. He is the author of Carter’s Conversion: The Hardening of American Defense Policy (University of Missouri Press, 2008). All views, opinions and conclusions are solely those of the author and not the US government, any entity within the US intelligence community, or Patrick Henry College.”
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  12. alexandermsmith

    alexandermsmith Puritan Board Sophomore

    That was pretty cringe to be fair. And I'm not quite sure why they have decided to go after Ascol and White. I can see how an argument could be made that maybe they don't know, or aren't willing to discuss, all the dimensions of what's going on. But they are definitely doing a lot of good in this fight. That attack just seemed bizarre. That being said White couldn't resist making snarky comments in response.

    Also, why would they want to associate themselves with the Intellectual Dork Web? Major cringe.
  13. alexandermsmith

    alexandermsmith Puritan Board Sophomore

    Character witnesses only go so far. If there is evidence of nefarious activity, or if certain persons are turning a blind eye to what's going on, then that is more relevant than whether others think them "a good guy" or "a solid Christian".
  14. A.Joseph

    A.Joseph Puritan Board Sophomore

    Don’t let the enemy define you.

    The defenders of sound doctrine want a fair hearing and analysis of these issues but they’ve been stonewalled.
  15. alexandermsmith

    alexandermsmith Puritan Board Sophomore

    I'm not sure to whom you are referring?
  16. A.Joseph

    A.Joseph Puritan Board Sophomore

    LoL, sorry. I was just agreeing with you.

    Being characterized a part of an Evangelical Dark Web or anything dark web, especially something almost non-related, is absurd.

    Whatever happened to free speech, transparency, and honest debate on matters of vital importance? Things are truly getting out of hand.
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  17. Edward

    Edward Puritan Board Doctor

    Sounds like he could be an agent of the Deep State.

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