Discovering The Tendency To Trust In Man Rather Than God

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I've been using the M'Cheyne 1 Year Bible Reading Plan for the past 6 years. For the past 3 years I've added D.A. Carson's 'For The Love Of God' as an adjunct to my studies.

The M'Cheyne plan uses a morning reading, usually 2 chapters in two books, and an evening reading, the same 2 chapters, on occasion 3 chapters.

D.A. Carson addresses 1 of the readings with his brief exegesis daily in the aforementioned 2 volumes, one volume for the morning, the other for the evening reading.

I have been praying many times a day for the past many months that on November 3rd Donald Trump would be reelected in a landslide and the congress would end up with a Republican majority.

That God would break the democrat party like a potter's vessel with a rod of iron. Needless to say, though it ain't over till it's over, I've been disappointed.

On November 8 the evening readings were Hosea 14, and Psalm 139. Dr Carson exegesis was on Hosea. The quote from his text, on Hosea 14:2-3 struck me like a thunderbolt.

"Hosea tells them they must ask for forgiveness of sins; they must ask that God would receive them; they must renounce their political allegiances, implicitly acknowledging that such ties distracted them from trust in God; they must put aside their idolatry and place their hope in the living God. Precisely how should such petitions find echoes in our own lives?"

I had not realized until I had read the above quote that I was putting my faith in man rather than God. A humbling experience.



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Jimmy, this was immensely helpful to me and my 'mood' concerning the election. Thank you so much for sharing it!
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