Dispensationalism Resources?

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I'm writing a paper for my theology class this semester about a topic that we have covered. One we have touched on is the differences between dispensationalism and CT. I want to write sort of an historical sketch of the progression of dispensationalism through the last few centuries.

Does anyone know any good resources that would give a helpful understanding of its beginning, its popularization, issues surrounding its development, etc?



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Get the DVD "Late Great Planet Church" from NiceneCouncil.com. Dispensationalism is not centuries old. Lots of resources are on Millennial Dreams blog in my signature. The Scofield Reference Bible, and authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins with their "left behind" series come to mind.


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Dispensationalism: Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow, by Curtis I. Crenshaw and Grover E. Guinn, III

Backgrounds to Dispensationalism, by Clarence B. Bass

Dispensationalism in America - Its Rise and Development by C. Norman Kraus

The Origins of Dispensationalism by Larry Crutchfield

This World Is Not My Home: The Origins and Development of Dispensationalism by Michael Williams

Also, some of the progressive dispensationalist guys (Blaising & Bock especially) have historical surveys of Dispensationalism in their books.
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