Do you celebrate april fools day? Is it sin to celebrate April Fools day?

Do you celebrate april fools day? Is it sin to celebrate April Fools day?

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I think a more pressing matter is the moral dilemma we all face of whether or not to stick “kick me” signs on the backs of our friends?

Talk about a divisive topic! *End of sarcasm*

@OP, stick with the wisdom of the esteemed divine Mr. T:

I pity the fool.

I don’t celebrate the day, but I also don’t really focus on if the celebrators are sinning. Generally speaking, deception should not be what one is known for, nor should deception be celebrated.
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I don't celebrate a day to be foolish. I do like to have fun kidding around with my buddies though. Life would be so boring without some good laughing and comradery.


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"Celebrate" seems an odd word to use for an occasion that mostly involves pranking people, in my opinion.

Which, provided everyone legitimately enjoys the joke, seems to me to be fine.


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This seems pertinent.

“As a mad man who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death, So is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in sport?”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭26:18-19‬


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Yes she did "it".....those four words sum up the the answer to many peoples question if Tina got me.....again.

Now the many variables that go into how she did "it" and what makes this 1st of April especially insidious needs to be laid out in an orderly historical way to comprehend the evil that lurks within my wife. For the past few years I have had a Carbuncle on the left lower half of my rib cage. Look it up yourself if you want to see what it looks like but suffice it to say it is simply a cyst that is filled with the most disgusting stuff one can smell. Most of these pustules eventually come to a small head and one can excise the goo out in good time. Well mine did finally discharge but instead of out it burst under my skin, and caused a rather large infection that entailed me to go on antibiotics for the past month so that I could have it surgically removed when the infection got under control. Well enough about the gross details about me and my condition. So I finished my course of medicine and Dr. McDonald (who will be named because he was an evil accomplice) called me up Tuesday to come by his office to cut the Carbuncle out. I arrive and with the help of his daughter (who will not be named because I am not sure she was in on "it") remove what was left of the infection with only a tad of pain thanks to a few shots of Lidocaine. While Dr. McDonald is nearing the end of the procedure he tell his daughter to take a small specimen to send to the lab for a pathologist to examine.....pause for a second..... I just got off the phone with Dr. McDonald while I was typing this story and told he me his daughter was also in on "it" so she will be named (Molly). So all is went on surgical Tuesday and I think nothing of the specimen because I am confident in my layman's diagnosis.
Come Thursday night Tina and I broach the subject of what tomorrow is, to which she says she is did not plan on anything this year because of my extra high state of alert. Of course I believe her not because of any virtue inherent in Tina but because she helps me type up a false Aprils Fools story (another story another day) to get all of you on this day. Yes she is a smart one and a master of psychological manipulation.
So this morning I get a call from Dr. McDonald at around 10am and he says my results just came in from the pathologist, and it was not good. He informs me to drop by the office at around 2:30 to discuss such. Later that afternoon Dr. Mac calls again at 2:30 because I am stuck at work "saving lives" to which he says he will tape the results to the front door in an envelope so I can review them and he will drop by my house at 5 to talk, and he also adds that we can get a Cat Scan next week, oh boy I now start looking forward to that. I leave from work at around 3, and yes I am slightly suspicious, but jeepers creepers how can Tina use SURGERY to play a April Fools joke on her HUSBAND. Of course the 20 minute drive to the office is slightly concerning, and may I add knowing Jesus loves me is a really really nice comfort knowing I may soon DIE of some type of rare rib cancer. So I park the car and see the envelope taped to the door (Hippa be damned). I open it and of course it does not say I have Osteosarcoma or Chondrosarcoma but instead it says "APRIL FOOLS DAY EARL LOVE TINA"

PS. Yes I was mildly suspicious but she was toying with my life here, and there is not much more sobering than than contemplation of the possibility one is about to die. I think I am going to put in for a day off next year and take a day long fishing trip, all alone, without any possible chance of accomplices to be used for Tina's evil schemes.


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This seems pertinent.

“As a mad man who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death, So is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in sport?”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭26:18-19‬
I bet you’re great fun at parties.

This proverb is alluding to cruel and vicious “deceptions” (“firebrands, arrows, and death”)… not to harmless little pranks that everyone ends up laughing about.


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I dont really care to "celebrate" April 1. That is not to say I wont play a prank on a friend. Once I put a paperclip on the photocopier and made 30 copies. Then I loaded that paper into the feed tray. Had the girl confused for an hour. Every copy showed this mysterious paperclip that she couldn't find.


I bet you’re great fun at parties.

This proverb is alluding to cruel and vicious “deceptions” (“firebrands, arrows, and death”)… not to harmless little pranks that everyone ends up laughing about.
Hey now! I’ve never been at a party with Mason, but I’ve worshipped with him at church before and he’s a good man, so take my word for it.

reformed grit

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I in no wise doubt that Thomas has a good eye toward winning winsome wisdom here. And forgive my blunt blubbering of not being a go-to calendar guy apart from Lord's Day or 1 whole day in 7. So... as an evident pedantic nitpicker I of course find the poll queries epistemologically and Scripturally flawed; but as one also given to flawed cerebral obfuscation and a deplorable lack of clarity, I'm going to leave it to others to delve my objections.

It's something I learned about peaceableness in virtually working through a possible 1935 split in the Associate Reformed Presbyterians (ARP), forming the Heritage Associate Reformed Presbyterians (HARP), aka "Kneelers". Yes, 'we' tried to secure regulative Lord's Day only observance, and though we were largely supportive of psalmody in worship and not responsible for the 1946 acceptance of hymnody in the ARP church, we indeed found value in the use of plucked (not hammered) musical instruments, such as the harp, or traditional accompaniment guitar. Wind instruments were naturally excluded, mostly due to inappropriate incidental spital in worship. And, in addition to being harp-friendly, we HARPers somewhat uniquely sought to reestablish kneeling in prayer throughout our congregations, and so many knew us as "kneelers". I'm glad we worked out our differences with our ARP family though, and preserved unity through grace rather than be found schismatic toward rending to pieces the Bride of Christ.


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Most human societies have holidays or feast days. There is usually a harvest fest, some reminder of a solstice or equinox, etc. And some cultures throw in a silly one. I am all for silly holidays. But I don't really like true pranks for the following reasons, 1. Are they pranking out of like or dislike? Friends joking or trying to snub somebody? 2. Can it cause harm? Some pranks do. Maybe even those dead frogs I mailed to the company that kept spam calling me. 3. Is it a lie. Is it dishonest? We all know a joke is a joke...but sometimes we don't. Even if it was simple fun to tell my wife the Alamo came from the same root word as alamode (meaning ice cream on top and the top of the Alamo used to be painted white like vanilla, this sort of thing can impair trust.