Does anyone know about Coptic Orthodox Church?

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Ken S.

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is it heretic or what?

A Coptic Orthodox Church is officially found in Hong Kong recently, a Christian Council of main-stream churches is going to help the Coptic Orthodox Church to get into local mainstream circle. I see all those images on the wall of the church, I wonder if it is heretic.


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I went to a Coptic Orthodox church's ethnic festival. It was the first time I had ever heard any one use the word "pharaonic" (which means descended from the Pharaohs). :)

Many believe them to embrace the monophysite heresy, although sometimes they say no. Wikipedia notes this: "Before the current positive era of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox dialogues, Chalcedonians sometimes used to call the non-Chalcedonians "monophysites", though the Coptic Church denies that she teaches monophysitism, which she has always regarded as a heresy. They have sometimes called the Chalcedonian group "dyophysites". A term that comes closer to Coptic doctrine is "miaphysite" , which refers to a conjoined nature for Christ, both human and divine, united indivisibly in the Incarnate Logos.""
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