Does God HATES the non-elected ?

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2 Timothy 2:24-25
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Originally posted by trevorjohnson
Thanks Rich for posting the actual quote... I was about to go searching for it myself (.....let's see...was that in Matthew or Mark.....?).

It seems that God both delights in judgment and also gets no pleasure out of the death of the wicked!!! He rejoices to destroy some in the exercise of His just wrath and yet takes no pleasure also...... strange!

Here is my only earthly analogy that I can think of:

Fred is a judge. He tries and sentences some pretty hardened criminals.

A murderer comes before him and Fred sentences him to death.

Fred takes no pleasure in this sentencing.

After work, relaxing with his wife, his wife asks Fred if he enjoys his job.

Fred replies that he gets pleasure out of doing justice and, yes, he does, in fact, enjoy his job.

Later, he watches the news and hears of this criminal's execution. Fred sighs to himself in satisfaction that justice is done and another murderer is not walking the streets.

Therefore, Fred takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked and yet Fred is taking pleasure at the death of the wicked!

God delights in His justice in a like manner.

Does this analogy work (of course, it has is, after all, analogical)....???
I think it's not a bad analogy.

God's emotions are so much more complex than ours. There is a sense in which God will not only ultimately punish the wicked but I think it's Revelations that says He will literally laugh at them for their derision and foolishness.

Yet, that said, I still believe He loves His creation, even the reprobate, in a benevolent sense. He does not love them in the same way He loves His elect (savingly, working all to their good) but I don't believe He hates them. Romans 9 says He endures the reprobate with much long suffering. One might expect a complete contrast with the love shown the elect in the same passages. Instead it talks about patient endurance and not a hate that is equal, but opposite, to the love He has for the Elect.
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