Does the current "religious revival" have too many tares?


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I was scrolling through some old political threads (with some real thermonuclear takes) and it got me remembering all the political-religious hustle and bustle that is taking the youth by storm. Thanks be to God for convincing me to get off Instagram, because when I was on it, the amount of CINO's (Christians In Name Only) were astonishing. The man would have p0rn for his profile picture and post a picture of Orthodox monks or priests with "Christ is King", and I'm wondering if anything will come of this religious growth spurt--and indeed I think it's a spurt, similar to the counterculture of the 60's.

Sorry if this is too preaching-to-the-choir or broken record, I just get recommended some super-ecumenical evangelical video every other day or worse yet Catholics boasting about their vestments and ceremonies (and for some reason taking pride in having other people think for them?)
Your social media feed is curated by the things you are evidently interested in: keywords, related hashtags--etc. My instagram suggests very little religious content because I studiously avoid it; same with political and smutty. While many of the posts IG suggests are completely irrelevant to my interests, they soon fade out as I give them no attention, and the things with which I do engage--mostly related to my rigging business--preponderate.
If you limit your IG likes and posts to flying and helicopters, for example, you can curate a nice feed that while requiring maintenance and some self-control to not fall for clickbait, can be informative and pleasing.
I use IG as a tool to promote my business, garner clients, and keep up with certain people. But not to discuss politics or religion.
The only thing I use Intagram for is its outdoor related content. The religion stuff on there is vacuous. I avoid it like the plague.
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