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I have been noticing recently that certain posts are doubling words at the end of the line of text. For example you would have "word" at the end of the line and "word" again at the first of the next line. It happens with various posters so it makes me think it is not a grammatical error.

Could it be the forum doing this out of error somehow? It is just a curious thing more than anything. It does not detract from the board really.
I I don't don't know know what what you you are are talking talking about about. I I have have never never seen seen that that happen happen.
Boliver, I get it a lot.

I'm not sure what causes it and I've discussed it with the other mods and admins and compared screen-shots. Not everyone has the problem.

In my case I assume it is a rendering issue related to my netbook's smaller display. It could be an IE issue too--I haven't upgraded out of stubborness, and I quit using Firefox a while back because I didn't like the font.

I've sort of grown to accept that it's my computer causing the stutters, not the person posting.
I get it too. Have for as long as I've been on the board, and I use a large desktop screen. But I'm still using IE7.
It happens often to me too. I used to triple check my responses before posting and there are many times I was 100% sure I didn't type the same word twice, yet as soon as I clicked "submit" there they were! I too chalked it up to some glitch so I just ignore it when I see it now.
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