Durham on Revelation vol 1 launch on Kickstarter

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    The Naphtali Press Special Editions fund raiser for the first of a project three titles for the 2019-20 series year has launched. Give it a look and consider supporting as a series sponsor for this series year or if just interested in the first offering, James Durham on Revelation chapters 1-3, there are two modest pledge levels to put you name in for a copy if the project funds. If you are outside the US I'm hoping to have copies distributed at a modest level so that is why there is no Intl. level for just a copy of the Durham. The drive is all or nothing, so if we don't raise the target amount, it isn't going to happen. Tell all your friends even if you are not particularly interested yourself. Thanks very much.
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  2. NaphtaliPress

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    So far not that great of interest but still 26 days to go on this funding drive. If you like the aim of the series, it can't happen without interest and support. Check it out at the link above and if you missed the video that's been viewed 8300 times, see it at the kickstarter page link above.
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    How to get the word out to those who would be most inclined to support? Who would that be?

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