dying love and atoning blood

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A thought from Philpot :

"He gave himself for our sins."

Have you ever see your sins?

Look at the words: how expressive they are!

Did you ever have a sight of your sins?

Were they ever laid as a load of guilt upon your conscience?

Did you ever see their blackness, their enormity, their aggravated nature, their innumerable multitude, and how every one of them deserved an everlasting hell?

Did the wrath of God ever fall into your conscience on account of your sins?

Did his anger ever drink up your spirit?

Was his hand ever heavy upon you night and day, so that your moisture was turned into the drought of summer?

Did the curse of the law ever sound in your conscience?

If the Lord has ever wrought anything of this experience with power in your conscience, you will see and feel too something of what it is for Christ to have given himself for your sins, those abominable sins of yours, those black and horrible crimes that have so grieved your conscience, so distressed your soul and made you often fear lest hell should be your everlasting abode. Now until a man has realized something of the guilt of his vile and abominable sins, and they have been laid as a heavy weight upon his heart and a burden upon his conscience, he cannot enter into the solemn mystery of the Son of God giving himself for them. He does not know what sin is; it has not been opened up to him in its real character and awful magnitude; its guilt and filth and bitterness have not been discovered to him by the teaching of the blessed Spirit. He therefore knows little or nothing of the solemn mystery of dying love and atoning blood. He cannot fully and clearly justify God in the gift of his Son, nor can he properly appreciate the love of Christ in coming into such extreme circumstances of shame and suffering that he might bear his sins, and put them away by his atoning blood.

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