Ends Nov. 15 Popish Ceremonies, USA $19.95 post paid, Canada $36; Intn' $40

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A lot; more than the prepub price of the book itself I'm afraid. I think I can offer this to overseas for $40 US prepub total (Canada about $36). That is steep but while I "might" have a distributor for the UK I have no prospects elsewhere and so those folks have to order direct. If you would be interested at that price I can put that offer together for those who might want to take advantage of it and make a payment link available. I'm discounting the book similarly to the US; the rest is all postage. I will make the offer with the proviso that if for some reason (slight chance) the books come in fatter than the specs show, I have to cancel the order or renegotiate the postage. The book is right at the limits of the packaging for the flat rate envelope I would use; next level is like $54 postage just to mail otherwise. That is a slight risk but I would want that proviso just to be on the safe side since the book will be at the upper margin of what can be stuffed into the flat rate envelope (and I double the envelopes and wrap the book so it is really stuffed).
I've added International pricing for the short time prepub offer; Canada $36 post paid, and all other International $40 post paid. If interested in either of those prices contact me directly and I'll send you the offer and links to purchase. This is not offered at the Naphtali website.
The files are in the hands of Fedex and once I have a delivery date for this project the pricing will change; so the 19.95 post paid, $36 Canada and $40 Europe and elsewhere will be good for maybe just another week or two. The prepub has gone very well; thanks to those who took advantage.
The files have been preflighted and I should have a project completion ship date next week. This prepub offer (see first post) expires on November 15, 2013; take advantage while you can. Book retail price will be $43.50.
No ship date yet; but I have started receiving proofs to approve; a reminder this offer expires November 15. See the top post for details.
Sale ends today. Save $10 (US) as price will rise to 24.95 plus postage starting tomorrow. Books should ship first of December. Thanks to all who picked one up. This is one of the most important books on Presbyterian/Reformed worship principles, much needed in our day of anarchy in the worship of God.
See promo here for US/Canada/other pricing good through end of today (or whenever I kill the links). http://tinyurl.com/ldom695

*By the way, this will be a very nice book; I know because the book maker was so impressed with the production values they want copies to use in their display library to show what can be done.
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Thanks all; for some reason my internal calendar has been off a day or two (juggling two projects maybe?); these steep discounted price are good through Nov. 15th, which is "tomorrow."
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