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  1. Nebrexan

    Nebrexan Puritan Board Freshman

    Some of the Living Waters tracts are great, others contain the statement "it's not God's will for you to go to hell". I searched around the Internet and found these reformed tracts (scroll down) at a site called the "Irish Calvinist." An online print shop printed 5,000 of one of them for me for about $55.
  2. Josiah

    Josiah Puritan Board Senior

  3. E Nomine

    E Nomine Puritan Board Freshman

    As a recovering Jack Chick Fan, I'm partial to Vic Lockman's tracts.

    12 Page Tracts
  4. Marrow Man

    Marrow Man Drunk with Powder

    Which track do you like, David, and which online print shop do you use?
  5. CovenantalBaptist

    CovenantalBaptist Puritan Board Freshman

    Just so folks know, those are the Peter Jeffrey tracts referenced above. I'm glad to know that others are using them and finding them useful.
  6. Nebrexan

    Nebrexan Puritan Board Freshman

    Tim, I used PS Print (Print Custom Business Cards, Stickers, Postcards & More Online Printing Services Serving The Whole Country From Brooklyn New York to San Francisco Bay Area). I sent them the PDF files of the front and back, and they did a good job And sorry, I remembered the quantity wrong-- I got 1,000 for $54. I tried to find the tract I ordered on the Irish Calvinist page but it's not there anymore.
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