Every Christian should be a reader, not preacher of the word (Guido de Brès)

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Every Christian may or ought to read, and discourse of Scripture; it followeth not therefore that all Christians are Preachers and Ministers of the Churches, but only those which are lawfully called …

Guido de Brès, The rise, spring and foundation of the Anabaptists, or re-baptized of our time, trans. Joshua Scottow (1565; Cambridge MA: Marmaduke Johnson, 1668), p. 35.


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Are the Anabaptists to blame for this "everyone's a preacher" business?

Probably though that thinking is prevalent in reformed churches toady. I can not count the times I have heard the duty laid upon the laity to spread The Gospel in reformed churches. What I find interesting is that even though the duty is laid, most understand spreading The Gospel is not their job as a butcher , baker, or candle stick maker. :)
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