Excited for December 26

Discussion in 'Church Calendar and Pretended Holy Days' started by nickipicki123, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. nickipicki123

    nickipicki123 Puritan Board Freshman

    Because it'll be another year before I have to see more debates about Xmas
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  2. Tom Hart

    Tom Hart Puritan Board Sophomore

    What could be more fun than Boxing Day?
  3. Tom Hart

    Tom Hart Puritan Board Sophomore

    But... Is Boxing Day biblical?
  4. arapahoepark

    arapahoepark Puritan Board Graduate

    It will be returns galore at work. But thank the good Lord that the dozen Christmas songs in a continuous loop will be over!!!
    Retail has turned me completely against Christmas.
  5. OPC'n

    OPC'n Puritan Board Doctor

    I love Xmas! The lights, the pretty tree, the music, the food, the awesome friends and family.... it all makes me cozy rosey. Love love love it!
  6. earl40

    earl40 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Sounds to me you like it more than the average Sunday. ;)
  7. NaphtaliPress

    NaphtaliPress Administrator Staff Member

    Moderating. Let's not go down the rabbit hole of confusing a. the very well established and biblical stance against pretended holy days (this is the puritan board after all) and b. how to handle the cultural accretions which have no sacred significance. Or shouldn't have (otherwise, see part a.).
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  8. Taylor Sexton

    Taylor Sexton Puritan Board Sophomore

    You know this very post has a likelihood of starting another debate, right?
  9. Southern Presbyterian

    Southern Presbyterian Moderator Staff Member

    Been there, did that! 21 years in retail will make a Scrooge/Grinch out of almost anyone.
  10. nickipicki123

    nickipicki123 Puritan Board Freshman

    Noooo don't do it
  11. nickipicki123

    nickipicki123 Puritan Board Freshman

  12. Ryan&Amber2013

    Ryan&Amber2013 Puritan Board Junior

    It is a particularly sweet time of year, but at the same time, the warmth, joy, love, closeness of friends and family, and the beauty of life should not be limited to one season. Rather, Christmas making should be continuous throughout the year and always a part of who we are, through all seasons, in the way we treasure God, life, and each other.
  13. OPC'n

    OPC'n Puritan Board Doctor

    I believe it’s on a Monday this year. Not sure what Sunday and Xmas have in common though.
  14. SeanPatrickCornell

    SeanPatrickCornell Puritan Board Freshman

    Tuesday. Christmas Eve is Monday. ;)

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