Fake Reverends All Look Alike

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I really oppose this jump on the bandwagon mentality of changing avatars to reflect a famous fake reverend. As a counter to this trend I have chosen an avatar of a celeb rev who everyone feels comfortable with.
Ah yes... the old Rootin' Tootin' one himself!


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Y'all can't keep up with a Texan!
That looks like a cross between Finney and Calvin...

Hmmm....nah, doesn't look bushy enough to be Finney. Don't you think his portraits look sorta ape-like?
It's Servetus. My last one was "Bishop" Katherine Jefferts Schori. :D
Oh I shoulda known! Mine is Anne Hutchinson...in case you didn't recognize!

Hey, anybody know a good home remedy for hyperactivity and lack of concentration? I feel like I've drunk 20 Mountain Dews but haven't had a speck of caffeine all day!


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You know, once we all change our avatars and this thread dies, it will be really confusing to people who find it later and can't see the avatars. :rofl:
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